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Promotion Requirements

Academic and Behavior Policies
Promotion to the next grade level
Students are promoted to the next grade level if they pass all subjects by earning a 60% “D” or higher in each subject area and demonstrate adequate academic progress.
Progress reports are mailed home every six weeks.  Report cards are mailed home at the end of each semester.
Retention at current grade level
Students will be retained if:
• A failing grade is earned in any core subject (math, language arts, social studies, science) on the second semester report card and is not made up over summer school
• They are performing significantly below grade level as determined by assessments during the spring semester
• They have 30 days or more of absences on their record for the school year (students with independent study contracts and long-term medical issues will be handled on an individual basis)
A Supportive Learning Plan and Student Success Team Plan must be in place before the decision to retain a student is made.  The decision to promote/retain students shall be determined by the Student Success Team (SST) within the last six weeks of instruction.  The principal/superintendent will hear appeals and have the final decision to promote or retain.
Students with up to two failing subject grades on the second semester report card will have the opportunity to make-up the failed classes in summer school.  Students with three or more failing subject grades will not be allowed to attend summer school and will automatically be retained.  
The decision to retain a student with an IEP must be made at an IEP meeting that is held during spring semester.  Students with an IEP who are failing a core class are required to have an IEP meeting.
Fifth Grade Promotion Reminders
The fifth grade promotion ceremony is a celebration and recognition of students who have successfully accomplished their goals in both academics and citizenship.  Participation in the promotion ceremony demonstrates a student’s readiness for middle school.
5th Grade Promotion Reminders

The Fifth Grade Promotion activities (rehearsal, field trip, and ceremony) are a celebration and recognition of students who have worked hard to accomplish their academic and citizenship goals in order to show readiness for middle school. In order to participate, all criteria below must be met two weeks before the promotion ceremony date.

Promotion Participation Criteria

1. Grades - Students must earn passing grades in all classes. Students who must take Summer School courses to be promoted are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in the June ceremony. IEP students must meet or surpass their goals in order to participate.

2. Behavior - Students must receive a grade of satisfactory (S or higher) in the FALCON Way (citizenship) in all classes by two weeks before the end of school. Students may appeal their case by submitting a written letter to the principal no later than June 9, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.*

3. No suspensions - Students must not be suspended in the last 6 weeks of school. Students may appeal their case by submitting a written letter to the principal no later than June 9, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.*

4. Attendance - Students may not have more than 30 absences (including suspensions) for the entire school year. An absence is being off campus for any part of a school day. Independent Study Contracts or Long-term health problems are the exceptions.

5. Exhibition – Students must earn a passing grade on their exhibition.

6. Community Service – Students must earn 6 hours of community service: 2 hours at school, 2 at home, and 2 in the community.

7. No Library Fines or Books Owed – Students must clear any fines and return textbooks.

*If a student is deemed unable to participate in the promotion rehearsal and promotion ceremony, students or parents may appeal their case by submitting a written letter to the Principal.  Appeal letters must be signed by parents and explain why an exception should be made in this case.  
Fifth Grade Promotion Attire Guidelines
Tops must be school appropriate (no logos with drug or weapon references, or explicit words or imagery).  Tee shirts and midriffs may not be worn.
Girls: Blouses or nice, semi-professional or professional tops are allowed.  Tank tops are not allowed (If a tank top is worn, a sweater or jacket must be worn over it at all times). No halters or see through/transparent clothing may be worn.
Boys: a collared shirt must be worn.  A polo shirt or buttoned-down shirt will meet this requirement.
Jeans (including jean shorts and pants) or pants with rips or tears in them may not be worn.
Girls: Skirts, dresses, or slacks may be worn.  Skirts and dresses must reach to or below the knee.
Boys: Slacks may be worn.
Shoes must be close-toed.  House slippers or sandals may not be worn.
Students always have the option of wearing The O’Farrell Elementary School uniform for the promotion ceremony.  Students wearing attire that is deemed unfit by school administration, or that does not follow these guidelines will be required to change into a school uniform or other appropriate clothing or otherwise will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.