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AP Spanish (Period 2A)

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare advanced students for the conclusion of their sequence in the Spanish courses. Completion of 1-2 consecutive years in a Spanish course is required prior to entering this course. The course is two semesters long, completing 33 weeks in a 120-minute class on a block schedule and 1 class of 55 minutes (3 days a week). All students have the opportunity to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam in May 2019. Passing the exam will allow students to receive college credit for this subject. Students enrolled in this course should have a basic knowledge of the language and culture of Spanish-speaking people. During the course of the year, the teacher will speak only Spanish; the students are expected to conduct conversations in target language with each other and continue practice outside the school setting. The course seeks to develop integrated language skills that are useful in themselves and that can be applied to various activities and disciplines rather than the mastery of any specific subject matter.