The O'Farrell Charter School

Winner of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award

Middle School Spirit Week

Monday- Character Day

  • Cartoon, Disney, Superhero
  • If you are wearing a cartoon, disney or superhero shirt, you may wear jeans.
  • No masks, weapons, or props

Tuesday- Twin Day

  • Must enter the front gate in the morning with your twin (or triplet, or quadruplet…)

Wednesday- Athletes & Mathletes

  • Sports Team or Gear! (Leave the gloves, balls, cleats, bats, pom poms, hockey sticks at home!)
  • Mathletes- be proud of your academic skills!

Thursday: Opposite Day

  • Dress as wacky as possible OR dress as fancy as possible.
  • Stay within appropriate free dress guidelines for ALL days.

Friday- Homebase Spirit Day

  • Homebase T-shirt & jeans