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Emergency Situation Letter


 Dear Parent/Guardian:

 Schools and communities must be prepared for a variety of emergency situations.  Our school has established plans and has prepared for major emergency situations.  We believe a person’s reaction in an emergency depends largely upon their training.  Our school staff has been trained and drills are held regularly to help all students understand emergency procedures.

 Children will be as safe at school as they are at home in a serious emergency.  School buildings have been designed with safety in mind, and inspections are regularly made to remove possible hazards.  The safety and welfare of the students is our primary concern at all times and especially in the event of an emergency.

 If a disaster emergency occurs, you are asked to report to the “Reunion Gate” to meet your child.  The location of the Reunion Gate is on 61st Street at the north P.E. field.  You will be required to sign a release form in order to have your child released in your custody.  While you are signing the release form, site staff will call and escort your child to the gate from the student assembly area.  We anticipate the outside area around the Reunion Gate to be crowded at times; therefore, we ask for your cooperation and patience.  Procedures inside the Reunion Gate must be carried out in an orderly fashion for the best interest of students.

 Should you have any questions regarding how you will be united with your child or about site emergency procedures, please contact us.  The staff at O’Farrell hopes we will never have to use these procedures; however, we appreciate your support should they become necessary.  Please remember to sign in at the main office any time that you come to campus to visit teachers or your child.


Susan Cuttitta