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Super Star Students

We love to recognize students for their hard work and participation.  Super Star Students are nominated by their teachers to receive recognition for their accomplishments, hard work, dedication, positivity, and willingness to try.
Here are our O'Farrell Super Star Students.  Thank you!
  • Nevaeh Gonzales - Ms. James (Thank you for getting all your work done!)
  • Daisy Padilla - Ms. Corbin (Thank you for working so hard!)
  • Chanpauson Souphy - Ms. Schmitt (Thank you for staying positive each week!)
  • Damon Edwards - Ms. Frantz (Thank you for completing thoughtful, excellent work!)
  • Queeny Jennings - Ms. Schmitt (Thank you for your consistent on-time completion of work!)
  • Alexandra Mena - Ms. Frantz (Thank you for working SO HARD and having a growth mindset!)
  • Neydi Ramirez-Gil - Mrs. Castillo (Thank you for your hard work and completing ALL assignments!)
  • Nathaniel Lopez - Mrs. Dixon (Thank you for doing an AMAZING job with being extremely responsible!)
  • Kendrick Bryant - Mrs. Dixon (Thank you for showing up every day and for all your hard work!)
  • Nicole Dietrich - Mrs. Dixon (Thank you for showing up everyday on Zoom & for your sunshine positivity!)
  • Oscar Jones - Mrs. Dixon (Thank you for all your hard work & always having a smile on your face!)
  • Brianna Kugblenu - Miss Corbin (Thank you for working so hard and completing work!)
  • Enrique Moreno Gomez - Miss Corbin (Thank you for working so hard and attending class Zoom meetings!)
  • Lianne Yumul - Mrs. Sweetser (Thank you for completing all your work every week!)
  • Josiah Calhoun - Ms. Glenn (Thank you for showing up to office hours everyday, ready to work hard!)
  • Victor (Trip) Perez III - Ms. Foster (We are so proud of the effort Trip is putting into his work!)
  • Kirsten Edralin - Mrs. Robledo-Grizzle (Thank you for working so hard and always being so positive.)
  • Michael Molina - Mrs. Robledo-Grizzle (Thank you for always doing your best & completing thoughtful work!)
  • Julian Macias - Mrs. Robledo-Grizzle (Thank you for your hard work & completing your AR Goal!)