Student Discipline Policy

 The O'Farrell Elementary School uses a student progressive discipline policy to ensure appropriate and fair consequences are given for behavior infractions.


Classroom Consequences:

1.    Verbal Warning

2.   Classroom Consequence and reminder to get back on task

3.   Referral


Progressive Discipline Consequences:

Each referral moves a student to the next level of consequences. Parents/guardians are notified each time a student earns a referral.

1.    Lunch detention and phone call home

2.   After school detention and phone call home

3.   Parent Conference and Friday night school

4.   Parent Conference and one week of lost recess

5.   Parent Conference and In-School Alternate Placement

6.   Formal Suspension

Some behaviors may require a more severe consequence.  Students who can go ten school days without a referral will move back down to the first step in the progressive discipline consequence levels.