Free Dress Status

Free Dress is a privilege that can be earned by the entire school each Friday through good behavior.  Whether students have earned free dress is announced each Thursday at the end of the day and can be found here.  Types of behavior that stop the student body from earning free dress are fighting, vandalism, excessive trash at lunch and nutrition break, excessive uniform violations, and other behavior that does not reflect the Falcon Way.
Help each other to live the Falcon Way and keep earning Free Dress!
Date and Status 2022 - 2023 School Year
8/26/2022 - Free Dress
9/9/2022 - No Free Dress
9/16/2022 - No Free Dress 
9/23/2022 - Free Dress
9/30/2022 - No Free Dress 
10/14/2022 - Free Dress
10/21/2022 - Free Dress
10/28/2022 - No Free Dress
11/4/2022 - No Free Dress
11/18/2022 - Free Dress
12/2/2022 - Free Dress
12/9/2022- Free Dress
12/16/2022 - Free Dress
1/6/2023 - Free Dress
1/13/2023 - Free Dress
1/20/2023 - No Free Dress
1/27/2023 - No Free Dress
2/10/2023 - Free Dress
2/24/2023 - Free Dress 
3/3/2023 - Free Dress
3/10/2023 -No Free Dress
3/24/2023 -No Free Dress
4/7/2023 -No Free Dress
4/14/2023 - Free Dress
4/21/2023 - No Free Dress
4/28/2023 - Free Dress
5/5/2023 - Free Dress
5/12/2023 - No Free Dress
5/19/2023 - Free Dress
6/2/2023 - Free Dress
Free Dress Policy

Free Dress Day 

Congratulations on earning a free dress day by having a clean campus, exhibiting non-violence, and maintaining the uniform policy throughout the week! We are so proud of you and your efforts. We want you to enjoy your reward but we also want you to be safe and look your best. Please follow the following guidelines when preparing your outfit. Your outfit will be checked at the entrance gate and by your teachers throughout the day. 


Color Requirements

Your ENTIRE outfit cannot be more than 50% red, blue or green. If you wear a red shirt, do not wear red pants. If you wear green pants, do not wear a green shirt. A solid red/blue/green shirt is fine, as long as you wear different color pants and shoes. Gang association is not allowed. The school will determine if an outfit appears to be gang related.



  • Your shirts cannot have inappropriate writing of any kind. This includes ANY gang or drug references. You cannot wear “SD,” “San Diego,” or “Calvin Klein.”
  • No inappropriate logos that display drugs or alcohol.
  • Wear appropriate shirts that are not revealing, see-through, and don’t show your midriff. Shirts cannot be low-cut.
  • Your shirts must have sleeves so don’t wear any tank or halter tops.  Undergarments may not show.
  • If you wear a sweatshirt with a hood, remember not to wear the hood on campus.


  • Make sure your pants are the appropriate length, aren’t baggy and aren’t skin tight.
  • Your pants/shorts cannot have inappropriate writing or logos of any kind. This includes ANY gang or drug references. You cannot wear “SD,” “San Diego,” or “Calvin Klein.”
  • No sweatpants or pajamas 
  • Jeans may not have ANY rips or tears in them.

Shoes and Socks

  • Shoes must be closed toed shoes. No sandals, slides, or house shoes/slippers, or Crocs.
  • Any color is acceptable, keeping in mind that your entire outfit cannot be more than 50% red, blue or green.


  • No hats, sunglasses, or bandanas
  • No blankets

Remember, students have earned this non-uniform day as a privilege. Problems arising from not being in uniform will result in disciplinary action for the students involved. We have tried to make adjustments to make this day as great as possible. Make this a safe, fun day!