Independent Study PE

At The O'Farrell High School students can earn PE credit three ways. 
 1. High School Athletics (play a sport) 
 2. Take a PE class (Cross Fit, Conditioning) 
 3. Independent Study PE 
In the 2021-2022 School Year students will be filling out PE logs that are attached.  
Independent Study PE is simply students doing PE on their own. With the following forms and under the guidance of their homebase teacher, students meet all the California standards independently. This is a credit, no credit class. In order to receive credit a student must complete the following number of minutes per month. 
Semester 1:
August - 210 minutes
September - 630 minutes
October - 600 minutes
November - 450 minutes
December - 300 minutes 
January - 390 minutes
                                           Semester 1 Total: 2,580 minutes
Semester 2: 
January - 180 minutes
February - 420 minutes
March - 570 minutes 
April - 600 minutes
May - 600 minutes 
                                         Semester 2 Total: 2,370 minutes