The O'Farrell Charter School

Winner of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award

Student Discipline Expectations

Progressive Discipline

Classroom Consequences:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Classroom Consequence (including a resolution form)
3. Referral

Progress Discipline Consequences-Each referral moves a student to the next level of consequences.

1. Detention and phone call home
2. Lunch Detention and phone call home
3. 30 minute Friday Night School and phone call home
4. Alternate Class Placement & Parent Conference with the Dean of Students
   (includes a written reflection)
5. 60 minute Friday Night School and phone call home
6. Parent Shadow or Opportunity School and notification to Family Support Services
7. Independent Learning Day or Suspension

Some behaviors may require a more severe consequence, bypassing progressive discipline steps. This will be determined by the homebase teacher, team leader and the principal.

Students who can go 10 school days without a referral will move back down to the 1st step in the progressive discipline consequence levels.