Mrs. Robledo-Grizzle



My name is Mrs. Robledo-Grizzle. My last name is quite long; therefore, students and families usually call me Mrs. Grizzle. 


This is my 12th year teaching at the O'Farrell Charter School. I taught fourth grade previously and this is my 8th year teaching first grade.


I love teaching first grade and am looking forward to getting to know you and your child. We're going to have a wonderful and fun year of learning in Room 505. 



My Webpage: On the tabs to the right you will find:

  • About Our Class: learn about our class rules, what to expect in first grade, homework policies, consequences in our class, class donations list, and our syllabus 
  • School Policies: learn more about O'Farrell's Citizenship Rubric, Uniform Policy, and Free Dress Guidelines 
  • Class Links: a list of the online programs we use in class 
  • Extra Practice: view a list of all our ELA words for the year, extra ELA practice, and math drills  



Thank you for visiting my website. 

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].