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Orff Xylophone
We're over half-way through the 2019-20 School Year, and everyone has to stay home!
Concert Dates: 
Fall Harvest Concert: Thursday, November 21st, 2019 @ 4:00pm (it was awesome!)
Spring Literacy Concert: Thursday, March 19th, 2019 @ 4:00pm (Postponed due to quarantine and COVID-19!)

Since you're stuck at home for the time being, why not do a few Music-related things?
Mr. Rauh is doing weekly FlipGrid rhythm activities.  Why not fire up your camera and have a go?
Some of Mr. Rauh's Music Teacher friends put together an entire month of activities for you to do!  Try a new one each day.
is a great YouTube channel that uses our same Orff Instruments to perform popular songs--sort of what we were doing before Quarantine!  Check him out if you want.
Online Sequencing Tool (fun!):
This is a super fun, free sequencer that you can use to track your own songs!  Add percussion, bass, melody, and set it on a loop.  Can you replicate your favorite songs?  Can you make your own?  Mr. Rauh spent hours doing this sort of thing as a kid...

Virtual Piano
Plunk out some melodies with a piano you can play online!  Works best with sheet music, so....
Go pick some things to play!  From contemporary to classical, there's something for everybody here.

YouTube Piano Tutorials
There are dozens of YouTube channels that offer Piano Tutorials.  Pick a song, watch how it's done, then head over to the Virtual Piano and give it a try!

Melody Mayhem
Click the speaker at the bottom and listen to the music--which sheet music is playing? 
Basic Note Identification Exercise:
We're always asking what line or space a letter is in class--now you can brush up on your skills and be ready to earn lots of points!
Looking forward to seeing you all again, when school gets back into session.  If you find a song that you really like, and you want to share it with me, please e-mail me!
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