Elementary Music

Orff Xylophone
This is the 2022-23 School Year 
As of late July, the CDC is asking us to mask indoors again.  This means no recorder and no After School Music, but we'll still do plenty of xylophones and drumming as we prepare for a Fall Harvest Concert.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that conditions will allow us to go mask-free after Winter Break, but there are no guarantees.  Please continue to be safe and work hard.
ClassDojo and Yellow Slips
Mr. Rauh uses ClassDojo to help students get Yellow Slips--a school-wide currency that can be exchanged for prizes!  The monsters in ClassDojo are fun and unique, and ClassDojo is used in many classrooms at O'Farrell. 
Students: Log in and customize the way your monster looks at https://dojo.me using your ofarrellschool.org e-mail address!  
Parents: If you're not connected to ClassDojo yet, click here!  Many of the teachers at O'Farrell use ClassDojo as a quick and easy way to keep in touch.
2021-2022 Videos
I'm keeping the links to last year's Spring Concert, Hornpipe, and Sword Dance videos here for a bit longer. 
Other links: 
Online Sequencing Tool (advanced):
This is a super fun, free sequencer that you can use to track your own songs!  Add percussion, bass, melody, and set it on a loop.  Can you replicate your favorite songs?  Can you make your own?  Mr. Rauh spent hours doing this sort of thing as a kid...
Google Labs Song Maker (simple):
This only works in a Chrome browser (or on a Chromebook) but it is still fun--a simplified version of the OnlineSequencer above.  Add two-part drum tracks and a simple melody, then make it loop!  You can even share your tunes with friends.
Basic Note Identification Exercise:
We're always asking what line or space a letter is in class--now you can brush up on your skills and be ready to earn lots of points!
If you have anything you want to share with me, please e-mail me!