The O'Farrell Charter School

Winner of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award

Slow progress is lasting progress.

Khris Astudillo was born in the Philippines and immigrated to San Diego when he was 3 years old. He has lived his whole life in San Diego, growing up in the very neighborhood in which O'Farrell Charter School is located, Paradise Hills.

Mr. Astudillo did his undergraduate studies at UCSD, where he majored in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. After earning his Bachelor's degree in 2005, Khris went on to work in two research labs, the Scripps Research Institute and Inova Diagnostics.

After 3 years of working in scientific research he decided to go back to school, earning his Chemistry and Biology Teaching Credentials at SDSU in 2009.

Mr. Astudillo has been a teacher for 10 years. Including this year, Mr. Astudillo has now taught all grade levels from 7th to 12th grade students. He has taught Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, Algebra, and Earth Science. This school year he is teaching Chemistry.