Hello all. I have been a teacher for twenty one years and it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I earned a B.A. in Business and a minor in Art from Grand Valley State where I also played varsity basketball. Following University I moved to Europe where I lived abroad for nearly seven years. I then attended Arizona State where I earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in American Literature and Western Civilization. I have taught Literature, AP European History, AP World History and AP Government along with college preparatory history courses. I have a passion for surfing, playing guitar and exploring the wonders of nature. I believe that education is a progressive discovery and it heightens our human endeavor towards a more just and compassionate world. I look forward to contributing to the growth of your child.

Course Description: AP World History traces the development of civilizations by means of exploring the diffusion of culture through an analysis of expansion, trade, disease, war, art and technological innovations. Students develop analytical skills to compare, contrast and connect the progression of human development in a rigorous college preparatory manner that will include Socratic discussion, Cornell note-taking, primary source analysis and historical writing. The journey will be illuminating and self satisfying but most importantly, fun!

AP US Government and Politics- We will delve into policy agenda, socialization, political process, polling process and the rolls of each branch of government. We will also examine American demographics and political behavior and how people react during election cycles and current events that reflect the curriculum. The goal of the this class is to establish a community of awareness and hopefully a means in which we all may enter into a civil national conversation.
APUSH- This course will begin with early exploration of North America to present day in an Advanced Placement format that will explore varying themes such as politics, culture, and geographic relationship between people and environment. 

Economics- This course will prepare young adults to have a sound knowledge base of economic concepts such as supply and demand, production and entrepreneurship. We will examine the stock market and how policy impacts both national and international economies. We will also compare and contrast economic systems such as a centralized economy vs. a free market. The goal of this class will be to provide students with a pragmatic education that will improve their future quality of life.