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Welcome students and parents!
I am looking forward to an excellent year filled with great memories and "aha" moments from students as they expand their knowledge and friendships at O'Farrell High School. It is also to help student adapt and learn more about technology as we transition in this technology era.
First, I would like to introduce myself with a little about my background. I was born in San Diego, CA, but was raised in Mexico until I was 13 years old. At that time, I came back to San Diego, CA and started 8th grade as a beginner level ELD student. I was able to graduate high school and immediately after enrolled at Southwestern Community College. I transferred to UCLA after 3 years with a declared major in civil engineering. I graduated from UCLA in 2012 with a focus in structural engineering and geotechnical engineering. From 2010 to early 2015 I collaborated as a Land Surveyor Chief of Staff/Intern Engineer. I had nothing but good experience but my heart is in providing an excellent education to children, your children! I have been teaching in O'Farrell Charter for 6 years and going into my 6th year.
I love to play sports and love to encourage others to be involved in physical activities. I also have a passion for designing structures, games systems, and programs; hence, my position as computer science teacher. I love listening to Natalia LaFourcade's music to relax.
My Vision and Goals:
My personal goal is to provide children with the tools and skills necessary to maximize their opportunities at achieving a higher education. Given that many students don't yet know what career they would like to pursue, I would like to transform them into well versed student in the language of mathematics, computing, and technology so that when they begin to choose a career they have the knowledge and opportunity to consider going into STEM fields such as mathematics, sciences, computers, and/or engineering.