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Winner of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award

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My name is Mike Tira, and I will be teaching 8th Grade Math at the O'Farrell Charter School this year. This is my first year at O'Farrell, and I am incredibly excited to be here. I like to approach Mathematics from different points of view, especially through modes of writing and dialogue, avenues that many would not immediately associate with math. Math is hard; my job is to show students how to make it easier to deal with.

I graduated with a BA and a Teaching Credential from the University of San Diego, and I have been involved in education ever since. In past years, I have also taught History and Mathematics at the high school level.

Please consider following me on Twitter (@MikeTira). I try to post as many relevant education items as possible. I’m also reachable via my website, email, or phone.

My hobbies include sports (Cubs, Niners, Nets and Lightning), exercising and spending time with friends and family. I am also a fan of unique and interesting foods (who isn’t?), so recipe or restaurant recommendations are always welcome. Finally, I enjoy reading (I read lots of history texts) and listening to a variety of Podcasts.