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Welcome back for the 2016-2017 school year!

I'm thrilled to be working with all grade levels of students this year! I'll be working with the juniors taking AP Language and Composition, juniors taking American Literature, seniors in the ERWC, and all grade levels in my Journalism elective. Journalism will continue to publish The Kaleidoscope, our high school newspaper; please submit art, writing, photography, and ideas to Room 5000.

My background...

I was born and raised in San Diego and completed my undergraduate degree at University of Southern California. However, my degree in Business Administration never inspired or excited me. When I started my teaching credential program I knew I was on a path that would challenge and energize me every day. It is my passion to help students find their strengths, using those to pursue college and career paths that enrich and inspire.

I live for travel (ask which countries I went to this summer!), USC football, and breakfast burritos. I am easiest to reach through email: and encourage visitors in room 5000. Cheers to an amazing year!


Recent Posts

InDesign Project: Design and finalize

Download this page to the desktop of an iMac and rename it with your last name in front of it.  You will be adding pictures, moving it around to reorganize, snapping the columns, and generally formatting it to get it looking perfect to go to press.
You don't need to add any text, just images and graphics.  You can move the order of the articles and spread things out.  You can change the blocks to columns.  You can make boxes around information.  You can delete graphics to add different ones.  I want to see how YOU handle the final styling. 
You will be doing this throughout the week, taking turns on the iMacs and working on your February assignment while you're waiting for your turn on an iMac.  This project is due by next Monday at the end of class!  
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Ms. Chantal Nicole Blakeney
High School Language Arts Department Chair; Teacher: AP Language and Composition, ERWC 12, English 11 American Literature, Journalism
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