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My name is Jessica Au-Nguyen and this is the start of my sixth year at O'Farrell! I am excited to be back working in the high school with all of my lovely students in grades 9-12th!

I am born and raised in San Diego. I went to San Diego State University in '09 and got my Bachelors and first teaching credential. I then attended Point Loma Nazarene University, credential in Special Education and my Master's degree in Special Education. 

I have a love for traveling and make it a mission to try and travel to two different countries each year. So far I have been to China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, England, France, Italy and Mexico. This summer I am planning on a  backpacking trip to Europe for 2 months! 

I am very excited to meet and work with everyone this year!

Integrated Math 1 (Co-teaching with Mr.Basile) 1A
Integrated Math 2 (Co-teaching with Mr. Lapis) 2A
College Readiness Elective 3A

Integrated Math 3 (Co-teaching with Mr. Lapis) 1B
Integrated Math 1 (Co-teahing with Mr. Basile) 2B
Prep Period  3B

Ausome Tutoring 
Monday--Friday from 3:20 to 4:20 (except Wednesday) 

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Upcoming Assessments

Integrated Math 1 
Module 4 quiz on: Monday 10/ 17 Period 1A
                              Tuesday 10/18 Period 2B 
Unit 2 Test on: Thursday 10/20 Period 1A 
                         Friday 10/21 Period 2B 

Assume Tutoring Schedule for week of 10/17-10/21

Monday: IM3 Review for Module 1/2 Quiz 
Tuesday: IM1 Review for Module 1 +2 Test Retake 
Wednesday: No Tutoring 
Thursday: 1M2 Review for Module 1 Quiz 
Friday: No Tutoring