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Elementary School Counseling


Hello Family and Friends of O'Farrell! Welcome to the Elementary School Counseling Page! School counselors play a critical role in improving student achievement and supporting personal development for all students by instilling the necessary mindsets and behaviors. This is accomplished through the delivery of services that are listed below. School counselors also support in cultivating a safe and caring environment where every student feels like they belong. Collaboration between the school counselor, families, other educators, and community stakeholders is a critical component of an effective school counseling program. We are truly looking forward to supporting the O'Farrell community and getting to know you all!


The Mission of The O’Farrell Charter School school counseling program is to provide equitable access to a comprehensive, developmentally age appropriate school counseling program. This program is designed to empower all students in achieving academic, social-emotional and college/career success. Through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration with all stakeholders, we strive to create a supportive system that fosters positive development and celebrates each student.


The elementary school counseling department at the O'Farrell Charter School will empower all students to achieve personal and academic success within a safe and caring learning community. Students will become lifelong learners and productive citizens who are prepared for college, career, and life in the 21st century.




Role of the School Counselor
Confidentiality Statement
School Counselors maintain strict confidentiality in all of our interactions. All meetings held with the school counselor will remain confidential unless the student gives permission to share information with related parties. However, circumstances do arise where we must disclose information to appropriate professionals. Reasons for breaking confidentiality include: a student is in danger of harming themselves, another individual, or if a student is in danger of being harmed by others.