The O'Farrell Charter School

Winner of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award

Digital Photography (Period 1B)

Course Description

This class is designed for students who may have had no experience with photography, but would like to creatively explore the art. Here they will have an opportunity to collaborate with classmates to make unique photographs, to complete the VAPA requirements to enter college, to learn how to operate a camera using manual settings, and to prepare themselves to enter a college or career path in photography.

Students will learn basic camera and computer technology as well as visual arts: how to look at and critique photos; how to use photography vocabulary; how to use tools such as framing, composition, rule of thirds, light, depth of field, balance, and color; and they will be introduced to many works by well-known photographers. Students will learn photo manipulation digital editing programs.  They will shoot photo narratives, study and create portraiture, and learn about commercial applications for photography skills. They will be expected to demonstrate an ability to use the equipment competently, using manual settings in both point-and-shoot and DSLR-cameras. The main objective of this course is for students to develop their creativity and to engage in thoughtful analysis of artwork.