High School Journalism » Journalism


Welcome to an exciting year for the Journalism elective. Students will continue to publish The Kaleidoscope (The O’Farrell High School Newspaper). Students will combine creativity with digital and written skills to design publications that embody the spirit of O’Farrell.

This course introduces students to the principles of Journalism, prepares students for AP Journalism/college level courses, and exposes students to careers in various fields of Journalism. The class teaches students to brainstorm, research, interview, draft, edit, layout, format, and publish the school newspaper, working within the style and structure of the different sections of “The Kaleidoscope”- The O’Farrell High School Newspaper.

Students learn the unique characteristics and ethical implications of reporting and also analyze bias in the news. Additionally, students distinguish between different mediums (television, radio, newspaper, blog, vlog, magazine, Internet, etc.) that journalists use and discuss the function and effectiveness of each. Legal issues and advertising considerations are also studied.

Students develop digital competence, editing text and images using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop software. Finally, students gain a breadth and depth of knowledge on current events and make intelligent, cross-curricular connections to contextualize their learning and articulate information about the world around them.

To submit to the newspaper, please drop by room 221 or email [email protected] - pictures are always appreciated!